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Introducing Visualskills: produced by and for professionals from the acute care sector. Together with a specialised camera team I create video and animation productions at the request of hospitals, educational establishments and other organizations and companies connected to the care sector.

Acute care made visible

We are Visualskills: Made by professionals for professionals from the acute care sector. We create videos which are commissioned by hospitals and other healthcare-related institutions and companies. Video clarifies procedures and protocols in a dynamic and accessible manner. In addition, we offer video material on our knowledge platform that we believe will contribute to even better care.

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My position within the acute care sector

As an experienced acute-care nursing professional I am always looking to improve, renew and simplify procedures in order to make our work and training more enjoyable.

Why video? Because care never stands still. The Visualskills products are available everywhere and at any time.

Handtekening Ruben Peek

Visualskills - Ruben Peek
  • Door en voor professionals

    By and for professionals

    I am still employed in the field of acute care and, therefore, am aware of what is important when filming.

  • Critical situations under control

    Critical situations under control

    Visualskills exchanges the unplanned actual situation for planned, visual and protocol-led simulation. A guaranteed exposure to critical situations in a controlled environment.

  • Complete customization

    Complete customization

    Visualskills can deliver completely customized product according to the client’s wishes whether for online education, promotion or presentation of the organization.

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