Protocols and procedures translated into effective video productions


For each commission Visualskills goes to great lengths to get to know the client. Through my years of experience in the acute-care sector I am able to interpret the client’s wishes and written procedures into a video production.

That means that each production will be turned into a ‘visual script’. Only when the script fits completely is the production begun. Visualskills works with Fixvision as a permanent partner in the development of video productions. This continuing cooperation allows us each time to show that we are capable of explaining the essence of complex stories in a manner understandable for every audience.

You can approach us for the following:

Corporate films

A corporate film from Visualskills is the perfect visiting card for your clients, employees and other contacts. Whether these films are to be seen via social media, on your website, at a trade exhibition or in a showroom, we ensure that the viewer will get a fantastic first impression of your company or organization.

Instruction films

Clear and attractive: our instruction films work very effectively. You can contact Visualskills for information videos, safety instructions, user instructions and visual instructions.

Product presentations

Visualskills would introduce your new product or service in the best possible manner.

Atmosphere impressions

Do you want to give an impression of the atmosphere of an event? Visualskills would produce an attractive report to achieve this. We record the high points and interview visitors and participants. In that way a beautiful memento would be produced that you can use for the recruitment of new clients or future visitors.


In animated videos of one or two minutes Visualskills sets out difficult subjects in an understandable manner. We use animation, text and music together, as well as humour, in an appropriate way to strengthen the message. Naturally, in this task we take account of your company or organization’s house-style.

Live-stream productions

Visualskills makes live-stream productions of small and large events. We record, for example, congresses and seminars. We can combine with PowerPoint presentations, pre-recorded items and other elements. The result is a high quality live broadcast, which viewers can follow via your website, Facebook or one of the other live-stream platforms.

What can we visualize for you?

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